Finnish / Finland

Poika joka menetti muistinsa
(The boy who lost his memory)

Onkeli, Kreetta (text)
[Helsinki]: Otava, 2013. – 110 p.
ISBN 978-951-1-27022-5

Friendship | Search for identity | Family

On a hot summer day in the park, twelve-year-old Arto has a laugh attack. After that he no longer knows who he is – all of his memories seem to have been erased. Shortly thereafter, he meets Kimo, who takes him to his home. After a week full of adventures, where Arto meets all kinds of people, he finally finds his parents again. He learns that he has regularly been losing his memory. He frequently flees into the world of his imagination, since he feels lonely and bored at home.

Kreetta Onkeli traces Arto’s feelings and thoughts in a sensitive and authentic way, without sacrificing suspense and humour. Winner of the 2013 Finlandia Junior Prize, this novel speaks directly to readers and inspires reflection. The book witnesses an overprotected, somewhat timid boy develop into a hero who gains mastery over his life. (Age: 9+)