Estonian / Estonia

Kuidas meil asjad käivad
(How things work in our family)

Saar, Anti (text)
Jaakson, Alvar (illus.)
Tallinn: Tänapäev, 2013. – 134 p.
ISBN 978-9949-27-352-2

Family | Everyday life

Anti Saar (b. 1980), translator of French texts and author of adult fiction, made his debut in the field of children’s literature in 2013 – and a very successful debut it was, too! According to the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, his story about a little boy named Vassel ranks among the top three of Estonian children’s books published that year. The book was recognised as the ≫Raisin of the Year≪, the Estonian prize given to the most surprising children’s title of the year. In fifteen chapters, readers get to know the world of Vassel, which shows how crazy ≫ordinary≪ family life nowadays can be, if you look at it from the perspective of a little boy. Fresh, funny and very entertaining, Vassel leads readers through unconventional conversations (also with and amongst adults) and his curious observations of so-called daily life.

With Alvar Jaakson’s funny, cartoon-style illustrations, this book celebrates the discovery of and astonishment over how things apparently work in the world. (Age: 8+)