English / USA

Fortunately, the milk

Gaiman, Neil (text)
Young, Skottie (illus.)
New York: Harper, 2013. – 101 p.
ISBN 978-0-06-222407-1
(UK ed.: London: Bloomsbury, 2013.
Illus. by Chris Riddell)

Father / Children | Being late | Excuse | Tall tale | Time travel

Neil Gaiman is well known for his comic books and adult novels, as well as various picture books and short novels for children. ≫Fortunately, the Milk≪ is a perfect example for Gaiman’s trademark mix of humour and eerie fantasy elements. The whole book is one very elaborate, extravagant excuse of a father for being late. While his children are waiting for him to get some milk from the corner shop, he was supposedly abducted by a flying saucer, floated around in a time-machine balloon with a stegosaurus professor, narrowly escaped being captured by Vumpires, and prevented the world from being taken over by evil aliens. Fortunately enough, he never loses the milk in all of his hair-raising adventures.

Both the American and the British edition feature an abundance of amusing black-and-white illustrations. American artist Skottie Young and award-winning British illustrator Chris Riddell are equally adept at capturing the crazy tone of Gaiman’s hilarious tall tale. (Age: 6+)