English / USA

Mr. Tiger goes wild

Brown, Peter (text/illus.)
New York [et al.]: Little, Brown & Co., 2013. – [44] p.
ISBN 978-0-316-20063-9

City | Wilderness | Individuality | Animal story

Mr. Tiger is fed up with life in the city and with ≫always being so proper≪. He is longing for fun and excitement. So, one day, he does something outrageous: He starts walking around on all fours! When he goes ≫a little too far≪ and sheds all his clothes, including the top hat, most of his friends and neighbours are not amused. They send him to the wilderness to act out his whim. While at first Mr. Tiger is overjoyed, he soon starts to feel lonely and decides to return home, where – what a surprise! – things are slowly looking up. At the book’s beginning, the monotonous city life is expressed in subdued shades of grey, brown, and cream with all animals clad in formal attire and living in uniform houses. In this environment, the bright orange of the tiger’s fur clearly stands out and signals change.

Peter Brown’s latest masterpiece – executed in India ink, watercolour, gouache, and pencil, and digitally composited and coloured – celebrates individuality and the wild element in all of us. (Age: 4+)