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The boring book

Unka, Vasanti (text/illus.)
The boring book
Auckland: Puffi n, 2013. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-0-143-50575-4

Language | Book | Creativity | Freedom

Vasanti Unka used to work in the book industry mostly as graphic designer and illustrator; recently however, she has also published a few works of her own.

Her latest creation is a celebration of the power of words. It opens with a small book ≫that no one ever read≪ on account of its utter dreariness. When the words in that publication get fed up with having to remain still, they suddenly rebel – first within the pages of their book, then outside, causing a lot of joy but also mayhem and irritation among the people who encounter them. The pastel-coloured washedout pages in the first half of this carefully designed work create the feel of an old neglected library book. They serve as the frame for the book-within-a-book, which materialises in the form of small glued-on pages on which the unruly and boisterous letters play around. Once the letters manage to shake off their shackles, the whole book comes alive with bright colours and exuberant words inviting readers to dive in and join the linguistic fun. (Age: 5+)