English / Ireland

The Keeper

Martin, Darragh (text)
Dublin: Little Island, 2013. – 267 p.
ISBN 978-1-908195-84-5

Island | Magic | Kidnapping | Evil | Siblings | Mythology | Fantasy novel

A book of magic, a flock of ravens with green eyes, Granny’s Celtic tale about the shape-shift ing queen Morrigan – and suddenly Oisin and his siblings are whisked away (by public transport!) to the island of the fairy people. What seems like a wonderful adventure at first, quickly turns into a dangerous quest when little Sorcha is kidnapped by the evil queen. To rescue his younger sister, and learn more about his role as Keeper of the book, Oisin stows away on the magical ship Eachtra. Together with new friends, he braves the dangers of the Pool of Sadness, the Forest of Shadows, and the Fire-Fields in the north.

For his first fantasy novel for children, Irish playright Darragh Martin throws a captivating mixture of elements from Irish mythology, modern magical ingredients, and fascinating (partly hilarious) characters into his cauldron and cooks up an enchanting read full of suspense. (Age: 9+)