English / India

Gobble you up!

Wolf, Gita (text)
Sunita / Prabhata (Prabhat) (retell.)
Sunita (illus.)
Varadarajan, Suseela (transl.)
Chennai: Tara Books, 2013. – [40] p.
ISBN 978-81-923171-4-4

Greed | Punishment | Trickster | Folk tale

Lazy jackal is a conniving fellow: He tricks his best friend crane into providing him with a yummy meal of fi sh and when she complains, he just gobbles her up. To avoid being criticised or reprimanded, the greedy omnivore devours all the animals who step in his path, including peacock and elephant, until his fat tummy can’t take any more and bursts open.

Tara Books, renowned for producing beautiful handmade books, have created another gem. The witty trickster tale is based on an old Rajasthani folk tale transformed by Gita Wolf into a catchy text with cumulative rhymes.

The stunning artwork was created by Meena artist Sunita in an ancient art form called Mandna. Traditionally rendered in white lime on brown mud walls and floors of village homes with soaked cloths by Meena women, the detailed illustrations with intricate designs for this book were painted in white acrylics on brown kraft paper, then photographed and printed by silkscreen in two colours. A feast for the eyes! (Age: 5+)