English / Great Britain

The book of dreams

Adl, Shirin (text/illus.)
London: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books,
2013. – [26] p.
ISBN 978-1-84780-383-2

Dream | Imagination

Dreams can be simple or confusing, comforting or scary, quiet or exciting. In dreams, anything is possible: We can be huge or tiny, we can talk to animals,
we can even travel through time.

Renowned illustrator and storyteller Shirin Adl was born in the UK, grew up in Iran, and then returned to England to study illustration. She loves experimenting with various materials to fi nd the perfect medium for each of her works. In her latest picture book, she takes young readers on a joyful romp through dreams in their various forms and shapes.

The short poetic text is transformed into colourful mixedmedia collage illustrations that will inspire little children to explore their own creativity and let their imagination roam. Th is book encourages children to look forward to their dream adventures instead of being afraid of possible nightmares and invites them to share the dreams with their friends and family. (Age: 3+)