English / Great Britain

How to wash a woolly mammoth

Mitton, Tony (text)
Lawrence, John (illus.)
Robinson, Michelle (text)
Hindley, Kate (illus.)
London: Simon & Schuster, 2013. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-0-85707-579-6

Pet | Washing | Hydrophobia

This one-hundred percent serious, informational step-by-step guide will be of great help to all those children who are not quite sure how to approach the tricky business of cleaning up their hairy best friend: the woolly mammoth. Not surprisingly, the mammoth in this hilarious manual seems more than reluctant to get wet at fi rst, but once inside the bath tub, it relents and lets itself be scrubbed and shampooed – at least until some soap gets in its eyes…

From the various beauty products, such as ≫Tusk Whitener≪, ≫Antibacterial Hoof Wash≪, and ≫Aquaphobic Dry Shampoo≪, to the suggestions of how ≫To get a wet woolly mammoth down from a tree≪, Michelle Robinson has gathered essential nonsensical information that will leave little readers (and their parents) giggling hysterically.

Kate Hindley’s expressive pen-and-ink and watercolour illustrations show the resourceful child’s witty solutions to every single problem and skilfully portray the mammoth’s feelings at being force-cleaned. (Age: 3+)