English / Great Britain

The crocodile who didn’t like water

Merino, Gemma (text/illus.)
London [et al.]: Macmillan Children’s Books,
2013. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-0-2307-6586-3

Siblings | Otherness | Loneliness | Talent | Hydrophobia | Animal story

It’s a well-known fact that crocodiles just LOVE water. They love jumping into it, swimming around in it, playing ball, diving deep down… Yet there is this one little crocodile brother who hates the mere thought of the wet element. He tries very hard, but even with a bright red rubber ring, water doesn’t grow on him in the least. He finds it wet and cold and embarrassing. Then suddenly, with one big ≫Achooo≪, he discovers why he feels diff erently from his brothers and sisters and can finally embrace his otherness. And what’s best of all: His siblings accept him as he is and come to love his special talent.

Originally from near Barcelona, Gemma Merino first studied architecture before she completed a degree in illustration at Cambridge School of Art. Her endearing debut picture book about a hydrophobic not-quite-crocodile, executed in monotype and mixed media, won her the Macmillan Prize for Illustration in 2011 and several other accolades. (Age: 3+)