English / Canada

The man with the violin

Stinson, Kathy (text)
Petričić, Dušan (illus.)
Bell, Joshua (postscript)
Toronto [et al.]: Annick Press, 2014. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-1-55451-565-3

Music | Attention | Imagination | Mother / Son

In 2007, famous American violinist Joshua Bell took part in an experiment: Dressed like an ordinary street musician, he played at a busy subway station in Washington D.C., but sadly enough, hardly anyone stopped to listen for more than a minute – except children.

When award-winning author Kathy Stinson learned of this experiment, she was inspired to create the story of a little boy who is so entranced when he hears ≫The Man with the Violin≪ play, that he keeps pestering his inattentive mother all day, until she finally halts and takes note of the wonderful music. Stinson’s musical text is touching and thought-provoking in itself, yet the way that renowned illustrator Dušan Petričić transforms it into pictures is ingenious. In his illustrations, the world is shown in black and white with scratchy black zigzags representing the noise and hectic of city life. Music penetrates this monochrome universe as fluid, energetic full-colour streams, sweeping the enchanted child listener off his feet. (Age: 4+)