English / Canada

Native Americans. A visual exploration

Paleja, S. N. (text)
Sagastume, Dafne (illus.)
Loring, Kevin (introduction)
Toronto [et al.]: Annick Press, 2013. – 48 p.
(Series: The big picture)
ISBN 978-1-55451-485-4

Native Americans | Non-fiction

As Canadian playwright Kevin Loring, a member of the Nlaka’Pamux First Nation, states in his introduction: ≫Native American people are as different as the land they come from.≪ That is why a non-fiction book about ≫all≪ Native Americans is bound to contain a number of generalisations. It can at best serve as a first introduction to the topic, inspiring young readers to dive deeper into the matter by doing their own extensive research.

Nevertheless as a ≫snapshot≪, as Loring calls it, this book is a success. It is divided into six diff erent sections that strive to answer questions about different Native Americans’ origins, their society, food (e.g. the bison as a ≫walking department store≪), culture, contact with other people, and modern day developments. Instead of photographs, it uses colourful infographics, maps, charts, and statistics that offer a certain degree of abstraction and provide visually attractive insights into their lives from prehistoric times to the present. (Age: 10+)