English / Australia

Song for a Scarlet Runner

Hunt, Julie (text)
East Melbourne: Allen and Unwin,
2013. – 315 p.
ISBN 978-1-74331-358-9

Survival | Bargain | Betrayal | Friendship | Storytelling | Dystopia | Fantasy novel

When a mysterious illness ravages a village and the village chief blames nine-year-old Peat for it, the girl has to fl ee into the endless marshes. After she almost perishes in the dangerous third fog, she falls into the hands of an old marsh aunty called Eadie, who takes Peat on as her apprentice supposedly to teach her the art of storytelling. However, Eadie betrays the orphan girl to settle an old bill and Peat is left to fi ght the malevolent Siltman and escape from the land beyond the silver river with the help of her new found friends, a 900-year-old boy, and a cunning furry feral creature.

Tasmanian children’s book author Julie Hunt has written a number of enticing stories for younger children including ≫The Coat≪, illustrated by Ron Brooks. In this magical tale, set in a fairytale-like realm, she sends her brave and resourceful protagonist on a challenging quest. The suspenseful story is peopled with unusual and endearing characters that make this book a truly enjoyable read. (Age: 8+)