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Het raadsel van alles wat leeft en de stinksokken van Jos Grootjes uit Driel
(The mystery of life – and stinky socks)

Schutten, Jan Paul (text)
Rieder, Floor (illus.)
Haarlem: Gottmer, 2013. – 160 p.
ISBN 978-90-257-5346-7

Evolution | Non-fiction

Children are curious, and this book will keep even the nosiest readers busy for a while. It deals with the origin and development of the Earth and of life. Filled with information, the book explains complex matters such as evolution theory and DNA in a clear and witty style, starting with thought-provoking questions such as: ≫Where does that funny groove under your nose come from?≪ Jan Paul Schutten regularly refers to children’s popular culture for his explanations. For example, Lego helps to clarify the diff erence between dead and living matter, and Justin Bieber is invoked to explain the origin of RNA. Floor Rieder’s illustrations further help to clarify complex theories and help children get an image of prehistoric animals and fossils, oft en adding extra humour.

The beautiful design of the book presents her work in the best possible way. Interestingly, Schutten leaves room for doubts and conflicting theories, inviting children to think and do research themselves. (Age: 10+)