Dutch / The Netherlands

(A brother’s secret)

Wild, Emiel de (text)
Amsterdam: Leopold, 2013. – 168 p.
ISBN 978-90-258-6204-6

Siblings | Disappearance | Secret | Searching | Epistolary novel | Thriller

In this epistolary novel for adolescents, a boy named Joeri is sent to his  grandmother overnight without an explanation. When he is fi nally allowed to return home, the family has moved and his parents pretend that he is the only child, although he did have an elder brother, Stefan, before. Stefan has done something so terrible that it is unspeakable, yet Joeri is determined to find out what happened and where his brother is. He reconstructs his recent  experiences with Stefan and his search for him in a series of gripping letters.

≫Broergeheim≪ is Emiel de Wild’s breathtaking debut, fast-paced and bold. Although the starting point of the plot may seem outrageous, the parents’ – and especially the mother’s – psychology is authentically developed. The novel is a genuine page-turner, as the reader – like Joeri – becomes ever more anxious to fi nd out what the brother did. The ending is shocking and leaves one with a lot to think about, and no easy answers. (Age: 11+)