Dutch / Belgium (Flanders)


Peeters, Elvis (text)
Dendooven, Gerda (illus.)
Tielt: Lannoo, 2013. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-94-014-0962-9

Animals | Speed

≫Rennen≪ is a crossover picture book about a running horse that sets into motion an entire fi eld and forest, including all of its animals. Th e book has a mighty climax, with the animals fl ying up into the sky, where they keep running. It compels the reader to start wondering: where are the animals going next? Elvis Peeters uses many repetitions to evoke the pace and restlessness of the animals, repeating the same words as if there were not enough time for more complex sentences. When reading the text aloud – which is highly recommended – one immediately takes on the animals’ hasty breathing.

Gerda Dendooven’s artistic style is distanced, yet sublime: She has sketched out the animals exclusively in black; the background is minimal and contains minor, colourful details. Th e book’s  lack of a clear plot line means that the text and illustrations demand the reader’s full attention – and they are worth it. (Age: 6+)