Danish / Denmark

Din ABeC
(Your ABeC)

Presterud, Tine (text)
Eiersholt, Sarah Egbert (illus.)
[Risskov]: Klematis, 2013. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-87-641-0948-1

Animals | Alphabet | Poetry | ABC book

Children’s poems are in high demand in Denmark. Usually they are satisfyingly off -kilter, oft en not exactly politically correct, but perhaps even because of this nearly always great. Add nonchalant illustrations to the mix, and the result is a book that’s fun to grab off the shelf. ≫Your ABeC≪ succeeds with this recipe. Every letter of the alphabet gets a fourline stanza in trochaic or dactylic meters, usually rhymed in pairs. Even if not all of the poems are equally marvellous, protagonists such as the dust mite, the eel or the hippopotamus step in to provide comic relief, aided by the cleverly managed clash of literal and metaphoric meanings.

The free-standing, black-outlined illustrations are coloured in delicate pastel shades. They are unusual in that they avoid the comic or grotesque elements and caricature that are so commonly used in Denmark. Still, they are not lacking in humour and deeper import. (Age: 4+)