Danish / Denmark

Til de nysgerrige. En bog om døden
(For those curious: A book about death)

Christiansen, Marie Dysgaard (text/illus.)
[København]: Carlsen, 2013. – [52] p.
ISBN 978-87-113-8451-0

Death | Non-fiction

≫For those curious≪ is a new non-fi ction book series from Danish publisher Carlsen. Its fi rst two instalments have covered the essentials: a ≫Book about the Body, Sex and Child-bearing≪ and this book about death. Th e books are similar in design and recall Swedish author Pernilla Stalfelt’s non-fi ction books. The felt-pen drawings are bright, intentionally awkward and childish-looking, tending towards the grotesque (cut-off heads, sliced-through bodies). Speech bubbles give the book a comics feel. The text is short and laconic, yet it represents a sober and straight-forward counterpart to the pictures. Its very brevity invites further questioning and discussion of individual points with one’s co-readers.

The book describes why one dies (illness, old age) and what happens aft er death, taking into consideration both the physical and the metaphysical. Th e focus is on Christian funeral rites, but other conceptions are introduced as well. (Age: 5+)