Danish / Denmark


Andersen, Ronnie (text)
København: Høst & Søn, 2014. – 169 p.
ISBN 978-87-638-3302-8

Social anxiety | Society | Search for identity

Ronnie Andersen completed the Danish ≫Forfatterskole for Bornelitteatur≪ (Writing Academy for Children’s Literature) and has received many awards for his novels. He is known for his experimental approach, and it is easy to see that ≫Akavet≪, too, is unusual right off the bat, – its text is rotated 90 degrees. This creates a powerful eff ect and represents one of several destabilising elements in the book. First-person narrator Mikke suff ers from social phobias and describes himself as a ≫person without filters≪, as expressed in the jumpy and associationdriven narrative style. For instance, every time Mikke thinks of a brand name, he follows it up with the ad slogan: ≫Snickers. Hungry? Grab a Snickers!≪

While the narrative is still not as disruptive as Georg Buchner’s 1839 novella fragment ≫Lenz≪, for example, it reveals what makes Mikke tick and how he perceives the world. (Age: 13+)