Czech / Czech Republic

Kosprd a Telecí. Příběh ze školky
(Featherbutt and Veal. A preschool story)

Papoušková, Eva (text)
Miklínová, Galina (illus.)
Praha: Albatros, [2013]. – 52 p.
ISBN 978-80-00-03105-7

Preschool | Prank | Friendship | Parent / Child

A lot’s going on at preschool: cry-baby Featherbutt and quick-witted Veal have banded together – no wonder, with those names! – into a chaotic team ≫with good intentions≪. Their interventions to enliven the preschool day-to-day mostly give their teacher headaches – like when they wear their slips and nylons on their heads. When the two sneak out and take to the streets of Prague and in the end have the police searching for them, it’s the last straw: their parents separate them. That kind of friendship endures, though, and in the end Featherbutt and Veal are allowed to play together again.

These short vignettes about the totally normal insanity that is a child’s universe are wittily narrated by Eva Papouškova (b. 1969), a well-known screen-writer, and aptly illustrated by Galina Miklinova (b. 1970). In the Czech Republic, the 2012 manuscript and the 2013 book have both been recognised with diverse nominations and awards – rightly so! (Age: 5+)