Chinese / People's Republic of China

Mei mei de da nan gua
(Sister Rabbit’s gigantic pumpkin)

Jiu er ( Yang, Hong li) (text/illus.)
Beijing: Lian huan hua chu ban she (ComicBooks Publishing House),
2012. – [36] p.(Series: Pu pu lan hui ben guan)
ISBN 978-7-5056-2371-2

Rabbit | Gardening | Rural life | Family | Animal story



The rabbit siblings are holding a race to see whose pumpkin plant shall bear the largest fruit. Each rabbit sibling labels his or her own plant in the family garden. When little sister’s plant starts to wither because she overwaters it, her two elder brothers switch the labels on the plants. Sister rabbit wins the race with a gigantic pumpkin that needs to be carried home by the whole family and their neighbours.
The book’s warmly-coloured, light-hearted illustrations convey the sweetness of pastoral family life.
Yang Hong li, who publishes under the pseudonym Jiu er, grew up in the 1970s in North-East China and worked as a designer for many years before she began to illustrate picture books. Here she builds off of her childhood memories on the simple life in the country, as it was typical for so many Chinese of her generation. She nostalgically describes the life of a multi-generational family in a simple clay hut and the daily farming work. (Age: 4+)