Chinese / People's Republic of China

Ge zi de shi huang shu
(Gezi’s book of time)

Lu, Mei (text)
Nanning: Jie li chu ban she (Jieli Publishing
House), 2013. – 199 p.
(Series: Bai tian e er tong wen xue shu xi)
ISBN 978-7-5448-3011-9

Time | Memory | Gender | Coming-of-age novel

Gezi realizes that her world contains a few mysteries. Th ere is the false news that her cousin, a soldier, died in the war, the puzzling mental illness of her best friend’s elder sister, and the abrupt disappearance of another close friend’s mother. The twelve-year-old tomboy gradually fi gures out these mysteries as she becomes acquainted with the world of her elders, and she comes to embrace a more meaningful and emotionally connected life.

The novel is alternately narrated by Gezi as a teen and Gezi as a grown-up. The latter looks back on her juvenile self, imbuing the story with a particular nostalgia. Well-known Shanghai author Lu Mei (b. 1971) writes mainly for and about teenage girls. She has received the most prestigious Chinese youth literature awards, including the National Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature, the Bing Xin
Children’s Literature Award and the Chen Bo Chui Children’s Literature Award. (Age: 12+)