Chinese / People's Republic of China

Shao nian de rong yao
(A boy’s honour)

Li, Dong hua (text)
Taiyuan: Xi wang chu ban she (Hope Publishing
House), 2014. – 277 p.
ISBN 978-7-5379-4663-6

China / 1937 | War | Occupation | Peace| Coming-of-age novel | Historical fiction

Twelve-year-old Sha Liang is living a carefree life in a well-off family when Japanese soldiers invade his town. He is forced to fl ee to the countryside with his six-year-old cousin Sha Ji, whose mother was killed by Japanese soldiers and a Chinese accomplice serving in the Japanese military. The Sha brothers and their rural friends briefl y enjoy peaceful times, but are soon in danger again. It seems that the children must prematurely outgrow their childhoods to survive.

This book recounts an authentic story about peace and war, love and hatred, as well as those childhoods both lost and preserved during war. Li Dong hua (b. 1971) is an active researcher in children’s and young adult literature and works for the Creativity Research Department of the Chinese Writers Association. Aside from authoring numerous poems and short stories for children and young adults, she has also published fi ve teen novels that realistically portray the transition from childhood to adulthood. She regularly receives accolades for her work. (Age: 12+)