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Club of book detectives - digital reading club

Do you like stories? Do you like exciting adventures, funny stories and cool characters? Yes? Then our digital book club is the right place for you!

As a book detective, you solve puzzles and answer questions about different books. You slip into the role of a character and your fellow players have to guess your identity by asking clever questions during the course of the game, or you work together with the other club members to think about what the exact location of a book scene might look like.

All you have to do to join the regular reading club is to read the books we specify before the meeting. Take notes: Who is your favourite character? What do you like most about the book? What do you maybe not like so much?

The "Club of Book Detectives" will take place on six dates in total. Sign up if you are interested in a playful book exchange!

Dates (by zoom):

14 October and 25 November 2022.

Each at 3 pm.

Direction: Dr. Katrin Geneuss

You need:

    a computer/tablet with video and sound
    the possibility to join a Zoom meeting
    curiosity, imagination and team spirit as well as the joy of playing games
    fun with reading

On 14th of October, we'll be taking on these books: 

  • Angie Westhoff: Das Buch der seltsamen Wünsche (Oetinger)
  • Frida Nilsson: Ich, Gorilla und der Affenstern (Gerstenberg)
  • Ulrich Hub: Lahme Ente, blindes Huhn (Carlsen)

All books can also be borrowed from the KiBi. Order under: 089 / 89 12 11 60.

The service is free of charge. Registration is possible on an ongoing basis at: programm@ijb.de.

We are looking forward to the fun figure guessing!

You want to know how it went last year? Then click here.