Children's Calendar Competition 2021

The Foundation International Youth Library has been publishing a lavishly illustrated calendar of international poetry for children since 2011. All the pages are well filled - all except one. This page is to be designed directly by the children.

Every year, the library and publishing staff are too curious to see what rhymes and pictures the children themselves come up with, so they left one weekly page blank at the beginning of fall. Almost every day, little works of art arrive at the International Youth Library, sometimes astonished, sometimes admiring, sometimes smiling, but sometimes also causing reflection.

Around 170 large envelopes full of creative calendar pages reach the book castle, including numerous collaborative works from kindergartens, schools and after-school programs, from friends and siblings. This year, there were poems and illustrations from Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Canada and, of course, Germany.
Germany. The poems were in Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Lithuanian, German and many other languages!

From the children's collected entries, a jury selects eleven illustrated poems that particularly convince them on the basis of their text and design. 

And here you can meet the winning entries from 2021