Children's Calendar 2024

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  • The Children's Calendar 2024
    With 53 poems and pictures from all over the world. Multilingual.
    Edited and selected by the International Youth Library
    Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt
    60 sheets / 53 four-color illustrations / format 33 x 30.5 cm
    24 Euro
    ISBN 978-3-89565-974-4


Children's Calendar 2024

The calendar features 53 illustrated poems from 30 different countries as selected by the language specialists of the International Youth Library.

Since 2011, the International Youth Library has published a children's poetry weekly calendar. Each week, children and adults can discover a new poem, in the original language and the German translation, together with the original illustration.

"Der Kinder Kalender" has been awarded the Calendar Award of the German Book Trade 2020 as well as the Gregor Calendar Award 2020 of the Graphischer Klub Stuttgart in SILVER.