The White Ravens fly again!

The White Ravens catalogue 2020 is now available

We could just as well have called them 'Pink Elephants', 'Green Hares' or 'Blue Lamas' - but we didn't. We chose the name 'White Ravens'. They stand for something special, something outstanding, something unusual and extraordinary. The Roman poet Juvenal used the term in this sense almost 2000 years ago. For many years these special "birds" have been an essential part of the work of the International Youth Library. Every year new, magnificent, brilliant books become part of this 'flock of birds'.

It is no easy task to find White Ravens among all the numerous new publications that the library receives each year as free and review copies. It takes a whole team of editors to compile the catalog of recommendations for international children's and youth literature, which has been published annually since 1984. This year alone, the selection again includes 200 books in 36 languages, published in 56 countries.

Normally, the 'White Ravens' are presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair every year - for well-known reasons this is not possible this year. We are a bit sad about this - especially the team of editors. We all hope that we can experience the book fairs in Bologna and Frankfurt again in 2021.

The cover of this year's catalog was designed by illustrator and author Emma AdBåge. Emma lives and works in a small town in Sweden. Her picture book "Gropen" was selected for the "White Ravens 2019", and with her new book she is back on the list.

Unfortunately, this year we have to do without a printed version of the "White Ravens" catalog, instead it can be downloaded as PDF here.
All information on the 200 selected books can also be found in the "White Ravens" database.

We hope you enjoy browsing and discovering.