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Due to the current situation: The International Youth Library takes a clear stand against anti-Semitism

The attack by the terrorist organisation Hamas on innocent civilians in Israel on 7th October, and the violent abduction of presumably 230 hostages – including a baby, children, teenagers, old people, and sick people – is a breach of civilisation that leaves us speechless. As an institution that was founded by a Jewish journalist and exile on the ruins of the Nazi crimes against humanity, we deeply sympathise with the families of the victims and hostages. We distance ourselves from any attempt to relativise this barbaric violence. It is thoroughly disturbing to see that Jewish people, even in Germany, no longer feel safe, and that Jewish parents are afraid to send their children to nurseries and schools for fear of attacks.

At the same time, we also feel for the Palestinian displaced people, especially the children, who have fled to the south of the Gaza Strip and are living in appalling circumstances. It is a matter of humanity that they receive humanitarian aid.

As a foundation that has been trusting in international understanding since its very beginnings and that feels a strong connection to its Jewish founder, who was persecuted by the Nazis, we condemn all forms of anti-Semitism and violence. We won‘t give up hope that peace and reconciliation are still possible.