New: Selection of Ukrainian Picture and Children Books available in Children's Library

Ten new book titles in Ukrainian are now available in the Children's Library. They are part of a charity campaign by the International Youth Library Foundation and the Rotary Club Blutenburg.

Especially picture books and children's books in Ukrainian are scarce in public libraries, schools and community accommodation. This is where the project comes in:

As there are currently very few Ukrainian picture and children's books in public libraries and, as a result of the war, these cannot easily be ordered through stationary or online bookshops, the International Youth Library contacted a leading Ukrainian children's book publisher directly and acquired 260 current picture and children's books in Ukrainian by well-known Ukrainian authors and illustrators such as Oksana Bula, Tanya Maljartschuk, Halyna Malyk, Taras Bohdanovyč Prochasʹko, Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv as well as Kateryna Sad, with the help of the Rotary Club Blutenburg.

It was important to the library that the books were original Ukrainian editions and that this campaign also supported Ukrainian children's book authors. The books were given away to district libraries and schools so that they can quickly get into the hands of Ukrainian children there. The demand is great and the book packages were taken within an hour.


In March, the International Youth Library supported Hessischer Rundfunk in selecting and implementing small readings from Ukrainian children's books.

This resulted in the podcast "Ukrainian Stories and Fairy Tales for Children". The project is now officially completed and can be listened to free of charge in the ARD Audiothek. Further stories were provided by Moritz Verlag and Sefa Verlag, among others.

Follow this link to the ARD Audiothek.