David Almond awarded with the James Krüss Prize 2022

Awarding ceremony: September 8th 2022

David Almond is the winner of the James Krüss Prize 2022!

The stories of the British author depict our reality and are, at the same, time located on the border of the magical realm. On the path towards happiness, Almond as well as his stubborn, autonomous child characters tackle big existential questions.

Together with David Almond, his current main translator, Alexandra Ernst is awarded. With subtlety and elegance, Ernst turns the imaginative language explorations, witty puns, and atmospheric condensations of Almond’s novels into literary German texts that are totally on par with the original ones.

You have the opportunity to meet David Almond and Alexandra Ernst at the awarding ceremony on September 8th.


© Photo David Almond: Keith Morris / Alamy Stock Photo
© Photo Alexandra Ernst: private