Permanent Exhibition

Erich Kästner Room


The Erich Kästner Room is located in the gate tower of the castle. 500 international first editions of the author’s work in 60 languages as well as furniture and other objects previously owned by the author can be found here in this unique display.

Erich Kästner’s life, his work for children’s and youth literature and his commitment to the International Youth Library are documented through photos, posters, book illustrations and various other materials.

Both as a writer and a journalist Kästner worked closely with Jella Lepman and contributed greatly to maintaining the library and building its reputation with the public from the time it first opened its doors in 1949.

Signs of this fruitful cooperation are evident in Kästner’s children’s book “The Conference of the Animals” which is based on an idea of Jella Lepman’s. It illustrates one of the central concerns of the library, namely to give children a position of equal importance in the world.