Water Worlds in Children's Books

Third edition

Whether as a backdrop to adventure tales, as mysterious chasms in fairy-tales and legends, or as an object of study in non-fiction books, water has found many entry ways into children’s and youth literature. 59 books in which water plays a central role were chosen for this exhibition: classics and modern titles, picture books and novels, fantasy stories and non-fiction volumes.

This recently revised exhibition will appeal to readers of all ages. Many books are especially well-suited for children’s programmes and school programmes.

59 books (original German volumes or editions in German translation), 16 picture and text panels.

Includes an exhibition catalogue

Available in German

Next venues:
In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute Korea:

11 June - 07 July 2019: Seoul Metropolitan Library, Republic of Korea
15 July - 31 August 2019: Songpa Wirye Library, Republic of Korea

01 - 30 September 2019:
Children's Library in Walluf, Germany

lllustrations by:
Julia Friese, from "Papierschiff, ahoi!", Bajazzo Verlag
Sonja Bougaeva, from "Wanda Walfisch", Atlantis Verlag
Willi Glasauer, from "Der Taucher", Kindermann Verlag
Martijn Linden, from "Eisbär, Elch und Eule", Bloomsbury

Exhibition in the Cultural Center Kapfenberg, Austria, and the Public Library Herrenberg, Germany

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