Roger Mello’s Wonderful World of Colour
Revealed in Pictures and Books

In the last few decades, Brazilian children’s literature has undergone great development. One of its most creative and multi-faceted representatives is the now internationally known illustrator and author Roger Mello. In 2014, Mello was the first Brazilian illustrator who was awarded with the renowned Hans Christian Andersen Award. Mello, who also works in film, theatre, and design, has published more than 100 books for children. His illustrations, alongside the topics and motifs that appear in his stories, are unmistakeably rooted in Brazil’s rich culture, where indigenous, European, and African influences mingle. Many of his images are characterised by warm, bright colours, yet Roger Mello is never bound to any one style and continually experiments with new techniques. The travelling exhibition is based on Mello’s first solo exhibition in Europe, which took place at the International Youth Library in 2012.

80 framed original works, 12 books, 2 panels with introductory text and biographical details as well as sketches and travel diaries of the artist and a variety of art objects collected by him.

Exhibition texts are available in German and English, picture books are in Portuguese

Photos show the exhibition in the International Youth Library 2011 and the Seoul Arts Center, South Korea, in cooperation with Nami Island 2014

Travelling Exhibition

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