Binette Schroeder Cabinet

A special attraction in one part of the so-called “Treasure Chamber” in the attic above the study library is the Binette Schroeder Cabinet. It houses a permanent exhibition of the artist’s complete works, including her substantial work of illustration, which has won numerous awards. Also on display are Schroeder’s graphic art, her extensive collection of international picture books, and a variety of unusual and original collectables from all over the world.

The Cabinet’s highlights are the seemingly-historical, mechanical puppet theatre presenting well-known characters from the artist’s picture books and the room’s interior design, which is clearly inspired by Binette Schroeder’s work. It was created by British architect Andrew Howcroft in collaboration with the artist and her husband, Peter Nickl (who is also the author of some of her books).


Binette Schroeder Cabinet
Permanent Exhibition

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 10 am - 4 pm
Sat / Sun 2 - 5 pm

Admission fee: 2 Euros / children free
(ticket valid for annual exhibition,
Binette-Schroeder-Cabinet, Hallway Gallery)