It’s All About Family!

Family Representations
in Contemporary Picture Books

The profound social changes of the last decades have impacted all realms of life, including family. Today, children grow up in a very wide range of familial circumstances: in traditional father-mother-child families, in single-parent families, in patchwork families, or with same-sex parents or adoptive parents.

The “Alles Familie!” exhibition traces how this development is reflected in the production of contemporary picture books. Aesthetically attractive examples of all conceivable forms of family and diverse aspects of familiy life are showcased in a systematic manner. This exhibition is entertaining, stimulating, witty and challenging.

50 picture books, 2 text panels, 30 picture panels, and 3 large-format banners with illustrations showing diverse forms and aspects of family life. Every picture panel is accompanied by a short description of the book from which it is taken.

Includes an exhibition catalogue

Available in German

Next Venues:

New version of the exhibition:

05 October 2019 - 30 September 2020:
Family Center of the District office Haßberge, Germany

24 July - 06 September 2020:
Literature Hotel Sonnenburg in Lech, Austria

01 - 27 March 2021:
Catholic Educational Center "PLUS" in Salzgitter, Germany

Exhibition displayed in the Public Library in Ulm, Germany, 2014, and the Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture, and Sports of the State North Rhine-Westfalia in Düsseldorf, Germany, 2016

Cover illustation by:
Jacky Gleich from "Wie heiraten eigentlich Trockennasenaffen?", kwasi Verlag

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