Oct 22

Book Recommendations

"The White Ravens 2022"

Frankfurt Book Fair

Every year, the internationally recognised recommendation list "The White Ravens" presents outstanding new publications of the international children's and young adult literature production of a year. 200 titles in about 40 languages and from about 50 countries are selected annually by the editors of the International Youth Library and recommended in an annotated English-language catalogue. The White Ravens catalogue serves as a compass for publishers, libraries, literature festivals, international bookshops and agencies and all those interested in international children and young adult's literature, guiding them through the vast children's and young adult's book market and providing a treasure trove of literary discoveries.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair, editors talk about their favourite books from the current selection and present titles chosen by the audience during the event from the current White Ravens list. The panel has had a regular spot in the Frankfurt Book Fair's calendar of events for many years.

An event in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair.