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Reading for school classes

Ronya Othmann - Die Sommer


"The Summers" is the touching novel debut of the winner of the 2019 Ingeborg Bachmann Audience Award. The story is dedicated to the growing up of Leyla, a high school student from Munich, torn in between two worlds: the rich German affluent society in which she lives and her Yazidi Kurdish family, oppressed by murder and violence, which she visits every summer in a northern Syrian village. There, the daughter of a German and a Yazidi Kurd squats on the earth - the suitcases are hidden in case one has to flee again - and listens to the village stories of her grandparents. Back in Munich, she follows the brutal killing of the IS and Assad regimes on the Internet.

Reading for schoolclasses in German.

For more information https://www.muenchner-buecherschau-junior.de/

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