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Opening of the Erich Kästner Research Centre

Erich Kästner Research Centre

In 1983, an Erich Kästner memorial room was set up in the clock tower of Blutenburg Castle, where first editions of Erich Kästner's works as well as some documents and photos were on display. After the Dutch Erich Kästner bibliographer Johan Zonneveld donated his private archive to the International Youth Library Foundation, the tower room was converted into a modern research centre. Now, there can be found editions of all of Kästner's works, the extensive, relevant research literature and other documents such as newspaper cuttings, photo albums etc. from Johan Zonneveld's archive, which he had compiled over decades of work. In future, two workstations will provide an ideal research environment for Erich Kästner researchers.

As part of the Erich Kästner Conference and in the presence of Johan Zonneveld, the Erich Kästner Research Centre will be opened to the public in a small ceremony.