(c) Astrid Ackermann / BR
(c) Astrid Ackermann / BR
(c) Astrid Ackermann / BR
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Family concerts / 11am and 2pm

NotenTexte. "The Animals' Conference" - A musical and literary event for children


After humans are unable to make peace with each other despite countless negotiations, animals from all parts of the world meet at an international conference to fight for world peace with cunning and cohesion.

Erich Kästner wrote this turbulent political parable with colorful, humorous illustrations by Walter Trier in 1949 based on an idea by Jella Lepman, the founder of the International Youth Library. In the NotenTexte series, the still highly topical "The Animals' Conference" is presented by the actor Jakob Immervoll and a string quartet consisting of musicians from the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, who make the struggle for world peace audible in a rousing and imaginative way.

Jakob Immervoll, narrator

Nicola Birkhan, violin
Celina Bäumer, violin
Christiane Hörr-Kalmer, viola
Frederike Jehkul-Sadler, violoncello

Sunday, 10 March 2024, 11 am and 14 pm
Duration approx. 1 hour
Suitable from 6 years onwards

Ticket presale from 16 January 2024

A cooperation between the International Youth Library and the music education program of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra BRSO and du