Dienstag 04. April 2017 10.30 Uhr
Panel Discussion
Bologna Children's Book Fair
Authors‘ Café (Halle 29/30)

Crossing Borders

Every year, the language specialists of the International Youth Library sift through the children’s and youth book production from all over the world and select particularly interesting high quality publications for their recommendation list “The White Ravens”. After the presentation of the printed catalogue every autumn at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the 200 books included are then presented at the library’s booth at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Since 2015, the International Youth Library also hosts a moderated panel discussion that takes a closer look at current questions and topics in international children’s and youth literature.  This year, two publishers from Greece and Italy will provide insights into the ways in which the large number of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean neighbouring countries has influenced their work and the children’s literature in their countries.

Participants of the panel discussion are:
■ Alexa Apostolaki, Director of Kaleidoscope Publications (Greece)
■ Lorenzo Luatti, researcher in migration and children’s literature (Italy)
■ Jochen Weber, International Youth Library (Germany)

An event in cooperation with Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Panel Discussion