Freitag 30. Oktober 2015 19.30 Uhr
Commemorative Event

Erich Kästner Prize

It is the role of the Erich Kästner Society to conserve the enlightened social and critical legacy of the author by means of publications, lectures and events.

Periodically, the Society awards the Erich Kästner Prize for Literature, which is endowed to the value of 5000 Euros. This occasional award is given to an exceptional German-speaking author who has published outstanding works of literature that capture the critical issues of the times.

In Felicitas Hoppe, the Erich Kästner Society recognizes an author who – like Kästner – is a master of literary self-expression. Her postmodern adventure and picaresque novels are distinguished by their unfailing imaginative vision and innovative storytelling through which she consistently finds new literary avenues to understand the world. Irony and playfulness characterise the synthesis of reality and fiction in her autobiographical writing. A dedicated admirer of fairy tales and tales of chivalry, she makes frequent forays into children’s literature. All this qualifies Felicitas Hoppe as a worthy recipient of the Erich Kästner Prize.

An event held through the cooperation of the Erich Kästner Society and International Youth Library 

Commemorative Event

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