Dienstag 08. Dezember 2015 19.00 Uhr
Workshop Discussion

From Haapsalu to Bullerbü

An evening with the Estonian illustrator Ilon Wikland

Karlsson-on-the Roof and Lillebror, Mio, The Children on the Troublemaker Street, Lotta, the Brothers Lionheart, Ronja the Robber’s Daughter – all these characters created by Astrid Lindgren have become icons of children’s literature. These child heroes were created by the author as strong independent personalities. This strength is conveyed not only through text but it is also achieved through the combination with illustrations that accompany Astrid Lindgren’s books. These familiar images are the products of the artistic talent of Ilon Wikland who illustrated Astrid Lingren’s stories from 1954.
The exhibition "Über Tisch und Bänke“ (Jumping over Tables and Chairs) dedicated to Wikland’s unique art of illustration is open from September 25th, 2015 in the Hallway-Gallery of Blutenburg Castle.

On December 8th, Ilon Wikland will be the guest of the International Youth Library and she will talk about her collaboration with Astrid Lindgren to create images for the writer’s books.

An introduction into the exciting work of Ilon Wikland will be made by the curator of this show, Kathrin Buchmann who represents LesArt, the Center for Children’s and Youth Literature. 

Workshop Discussion

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