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Barbara Yelin with Alexander Korb -"But I Live. Four Stories of Child Suvivors of the Holocaust"


Barbara Yelin (comic artist) presents in words and pictures her graphic novel about the survival of eight-year-old Emmie Arbel in the Nazi concentration camps. Alexander Korb (historian) gives a brief overview of the subject of children in concentration camps. In conversation, the two then discuss their approach to the subject, how they became a comic book artist and historian respectively, how to write a comic book, and how they worked with Emmie Arbel and other Holocaust survivors.

About the book:

Emmie Arbel survived the Ravensbrück and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps as a little girl. David Schaffer escaped the genocide in Transnistria because he did not follow the rules. The brothers Nico and Rolf Kamp hid from their murderers thirteen times in the Netherlands.
Together with four survivors, three international illustrators have told their stories in graphic novels that unforgettably demonstrate what the Holocaust meant to children - and not only to them. Only a few contemporary witnesses of the Holocaust are still alive. Most of them experienced persecution and mass murder traumatically as children. This book aims to preserve and pass on the memory of the Holocaust in an unusual way through the collaboration of survivors and illustrators.

"But I am alive. Four Stories of Child Suvivors of the Holocaust"
Miriam Libicki, Gilad Seliktar and Barbara Yelin in dialogue with survivors David Schaffer, Rolf and Nico Kamp and Emmie Arbel. C.H.Beck, 2022. Edited by Charlotte Schallié.

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© Illustration: Barbara Yelin