Dienstag 02. April 2019 10.30 Uhr
Panel Discussion
Bologna Children's Book Fair
Authors‘ Café

White Ravens Panel: Arabic Children's Literature

Picture books and children's books by Arabic-speaking authors and illustrators have so far played no significant role in Europe. They are barely noticed and very rarely translated into European languages. There is a big lack of knowledge about what children read in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt or Morocco. Which books and stories have influenced them?

A project by the International Youth Library has set itself the task of exploring the Arabian children's book market and children's books, convincing either by their national character or literary. Those titles are compiled in a recommendation catalog. A selection will be presented in this year's "White Ravens Panel".

Jochen Weber, head of the IYL's language sections, and Hasmig Chahinian, an expert in Arabic children's literature at the French National Library, will present some titles from the book selection and will talk about trends and topics which they have observed in the new releases of recent years.

An event in cooperation with Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Panel Discussion