Anniversary Celebration

The International Youth Library was opened in September 1949. Its founder was the Jewish journalist Jella Lepman, who wanted to set an example for peace and international understanding. Children's books were intended to build bridges to the world, bring cultures together and counteract prejudice and resentment. Jella Lepman hoped that children and young people educated in peace and freedom would build a free and better world order. Books should serve as messengers of peace.

Since its foundation, the International Youth Library has developed into a worldwide unique centre for international children's and youth literature with unique book collections. The social concern of Jella Lepman is still obligatory for the library. The work of the library is based on the conviction that books for children and young people are an indispensable part of the cultural life of a society. With exhibitions, events, a literature festival, publications and, last but not least, a wide range of literary education, the library promotes international cultural exchange and the cultural education of children and young people.

On 20 September 2019 we celebrated the birthday with a ceremony in the morning and opened the gates of the castle from 3 p.m. on for all citizens of the city, especially for families with children. Together with Munich consulates and cultural institutions, we invited to an international festival of cultures and stories.