Persian (Farsi) / Iran

Haft hwān wa haft razm
(Seven fights and seven tasks)

Parīruh, Zuhra ( Pariroukh, Zohreh) (text)
Mīr Muhammadj, Nīlufar ( Mirmohammadi,
Niloufar) (art/photogr.)
Tihrān: Kanūn-i Parwariš-i Fikrī-i Kūdakan wa
Nauğawānan (Kanoon), 2013 (1392 h.š.).
– 39 p.
(Series: Mağmu‘a-i nama-i nāmwar)
ISBN 978-964-391-762-3

Courage | Fight | Shahnameh / Adaptation | Epic

≫Schāhnāme≪ (≫The Book of Kings≪) by poet Hakim Abu ’l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi (940-1020 CE) is the Persian-speaking world’s national epic. Consisting
of 60,000 verses, it is considered the largest epic by a single poet in the world.

Award-winning author Zohreh Pariroukh has chosen one episode from this monumental work and retold it for children. She has created a captivating narration that manages to preserve the spirit and the charm of the original work, despite the fact that she shortened and simplified the text and rewrote it in prose. The story describes the heroic deeds of the strong, brave, and clever hero Rostam. Assisted by his valiant and faithful horse Rakhsh, he has to complete seven tasks in order to free King Kavoos, who was captured and imprisoned by a magician. Elaborate metal artwork created and photographed by Nilufar Mir-Mohammadi accompanies the tale – an unusual but very fitting illustration of the text. (Age: 7+)