Persian (Farsi) / Iran

Māmān-i kalih dūdkīšī
(The mother who wore a chimney on her head)

Mazāraī, Ilhām (Mazariee, Ilham) (text)
Tāhirj, Līdā ( Taheri, Lida) (illus.)
Tihrān: Kitabhā-i Fanduq, 2013 (1392 h.š.).
– 24 p.
ISBN 978-964-369-724-2

Mother / Daughter | Fame

≫My mother is so boring≪, a young girl thinks. ≫If only she were famous!≪ This wish comes true quite unexpectedly, when the mother’s head suddenly sprouts a chimney that starts smoking whenever she gets upset. Th is happens, for example, when she witnesses a bank being robbed. It’s hardly surprising that she – or rather the chimney – produces billows of smoke so dense that the thieves take to their heels. Yet the mother’s sudden fame also has its downside: When environmentalists start campaigning against this weird polluter and the mother even faces punishment, the daughter shows compassion and does her utmost to change her mother back into her normal self.

Ilham Mazariee (b. 1979) creates a humorous and lively story about the power of imagination to solve everyday problems. Lida Taheri’s (b. 1967) colourful illustrations play with proportions and perspectives and emphasise the protagonists’ gestures and facial expressions. They perfectly complement the crazy tale. (Age: 7+)