Persian (Farsi) / Iran

Ğangil-i abr. Rumān-i nauğawān
(The fog forest. A young adult novel)

Gulšīrī, Sīyāmak ( Golshiri, Siamak) (text)
Tihrān: Našr-i Ufuq (Nashr Ofoq),
2013 (1392 h.š.). – 170 p.
(Series: Hunāšām; 4) (Series: Rumān-i naugawān; 94)
ISBN 978-964-369-897-3

Vampire | Fantasy novel

Siamak Golshiri, winner of several national awards, has published many realistic novels and short stories for adults that focus on contemporary Iranian society, most of them set in the capital city of Teheran. With ≫Hūnāšām≪ (Blood Suckers), he has now ventured into unchartered terrain: Even if stories and novels about vampires have long been popular internationally, this genre is still young and largely unexplored in Iranian children’s and young adult literature.

The protagonist of this five-volume series (2008-2014) is a writer. In volume four, called ≫Ğangil-i abr≪, the protagonist sets off looking for a missing friend. On his way, he meets an old woman who seems to know everything about his search. She talks of terrible events that happened to her family years before and that keep haunting her to the present day. Golshiri tells an exciting, imaginative story that stands out for its detailed depiction of scenes. (Age: 14+)