English / Australia

The sultan's eyes

Gardiner, Kelly (text)
Sydney: Angus & Robertson / HarperCollins,
2013. – 336 p.
ISBN 978-0-7322-9480-9 – 978-0-7304-9984-8

Book | Education | Gender inequality | Religion | Politics | Historical fiction

It’s the year 1648 and Isabella Hawkins, who had just found a new home in Venice aft er being chased across half of Europe by the Spanish Inquisition, is uprooted again. The well-educated, headstrong English girl and her friends – the Venetian publisher Signora Contarini, the Dutch printer’s assistant Willem, and the cartographer Al-Qasim – have to escape their old enemy Fra Clement. Since the arm of the inquisition is long, they decide to leave the Christian world behind and journey to Constantinople to seek refuge there.

In her latest historical novel for teens, Kelly Gardiner continues the story begun in her award-winning book ≫Act of Faith≪ (2011). Through the eyes of the books’ impulsive and curious heroine, in this sequel readers experience everyday life in the seventeenth century first in Venice, then in the capital of the Ottoman Empire. In addition to being an amusing and gripping adventure story, this ambitious novel also discusses questions of gender inequality, religion, philosophy, and politics. (Age: 14+)