Czech / Czech Republic

Kouzelný polštár
(The magic pillow)

Sechovcová, Kateřina (illus.)
Praha: Argo, 2013. – [26] p.
ISBN 978-80-257-0914-6

Perception | Parallel world | Textless book

This book is built on a simple idea and is told using only coloured pencil and no text. A mother sits at her son’s bed, telling him a bedtime story. The two protagonists don’t notice the red cat slipping out of the picture on the boy’s pillow sham and into the mother’s skirt. From there, it slips onto the mother’s bedspread and is chased by a monster that spawns from the bedspread’s pattern. Luckily, the boy can’t sleep that night and brings the cat pillow over to mama’s bed. While the two sleep, the red cat safely gets back with its friends on the pillow sham, and together they chase away the texture monster.

With this offering, Czech publishing house Argo continues its practice of supporting young, gripping
illustrators: Kateřina Sechovcova’s (b. 1983) poetic images reveal the magic of perception and the world of objects that live their own secret lives. (Age: 2+)